What is love?

recently, I have been thinking about what love really is. Does any one actually know? Or is the meaning of love defined as a fairy tale?

Every day I guarantee that you can scroll down your Facebook or Twitter and see a picture of a girl and boy and the caption be ‘i love you’. Do all of those people really ‘love’ their partners? Or is it some sort of competition? To me it seems like a relationship now a days is a massive competition.

I see people uploading pictures nearly everyday with their boyfriend or girlfriend…we’ll surely that doesn’t prove how much you love them? I think that it’s about the time you share together and the memories that you make, not about how many likes you can get on Facebook. That might just be my opinion but surely that’s not what their relationship revolves around?

Let’s be honest, every body always talks about how they wish their relationship was like their grandparents. Maybe their grandparents relationship is the way it is because your grandad couldn’t like Mavis’ photo from down the road even though the night before they had an arguement about being best friends on snap chat!

Don’t get me wrong…I think social media is a great way to keep in touch with old friends you don’t really see anymore but let’s take relationships away from social networking sites for a minute.

See in my eyes, I feel as though if you don’t publish your love life over Facebook then no one ca get involved…surely that stops arguements?! 

Anyway…enough of the rants about social media and back to the question of what love really is!

In my eyes love is the way he looks her in the eye and she doesn’t have to say a word but just smiles.

It’s when you see that person every day but even after years you still get those butterflies in your stomache.

It’s when you can stay up all night and talk about anything and everything and even though you’re so tired the next day, that doesn’t matter because the night before was all worth it. 

It’s when one of you is Ill or injured and the other will sit by your bed all day and night with you just to make sure you’re okay.

It’s when the thought of loosing that person gives you a lump in your throat and makes you feel sick.

It’s when you don’t care what that person will look like in 50 years because that person will still be your absolute world!
That’s what love really is. NOT what you see on social media.